RAM Engineering strives to deliver projects on the three pillars that define our management strategy; Responsibility, Sustainability, and Innovation. Connect with us during the early phase of a project, where we are able to help ensure it is setup for success through scope optimization and design management. Through the life of the project, we are able to manage and mitigate unforeseen circumstances such as environmental factors and utility and earthworks roadblocks.


RAM is dedicated to providing clients with services that are safe, honest, and transparent. Safety and welfare of the public, clients, and site crew are greatly valued and reflect in our daily operations.


We are passionate about the environment, aiming to succeed our clients’ needs through innovation and best practices, while keeping budget in check. We regularly work with environmental scientists to ensure historic landmarks and natural habitats are as undisturbed as possible while delivering results.


We are big believers in continuing education and fine tuning best practices in the construction management industry, allowing us to provide clients with cutting edge solutions that are reliable and effective but still cost efficient.